Tidd Tech Snow Grooming Equipment… You’ve got a Tidd, or you wish you did.

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Since 1986, Tidd Tech has been making snow groomers for trail grooming. You could say that snow grooming has become an art to us. Shop now.

Groomer FAQs

Have questions about our snow groomers or for our team? You can get answers to our most frequently asked questions here or contact us for more info.

Resource Center

Our Resource Center is filled with information on helping professional Snow Groomers find the information they need to be successful.

Setting Tracks

Next time you set tracks for that “classic only” race course, or if you would just like to try something fun on a section of trail, try setting a best line course.

Grooming Snow Trails

See the implements that will take your snow grooming to the next level.

See our line of products that make snow grooming easier and setting track an art.

From our classic G2 Snow Groomers to the Snow Roller and Trail Tenderizers, our line of snow grooming products can help you set better track for cross-country skiers, snowshoers, and backcountry enthusiasts. See our full line of snow grooming products.

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Want to Know More about Snow Grooming?

Measuring Snow Density

A simple system that allows a groomer to produce a satisfactory experience for the winter trail user based on the measurement of the snow density of the trail surface.

Preparing a Trail Base

Who among us is willing to waste even a flake of snow, anymore? Here are some strategies that you can use to get the most out of whatever snow you are blessed with.

Maintaining a Trail Tenderizer

Remember that when the grooming gets tough, you will get the job done faster and with less frustration if you make multiple passes with a less aggressive cut.


Once our groomers got the hang of using the G2, they were amazed at how well it renovated the trails.
This season, cross country skiers will find improved conditions thanks to Tidd Tech, the finest snow grooming equipment.
When it comes to equipment that has positively changed cross-country skiing, one of the clear leaders is Tidd Tech.