Narrow Gauge Groomer


The Narrow Gauge is a 2′ unit that scarifies approximately 24″ and combs out an additional 12″ on both sides with the optional side flaps. Comes with standard loop style hitch and weight bars.

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Fat Bikes. Classic track. Snowshoeing. Walking trails. Looking to groom skinny single track? Tidd Tech’s Narrow Gauge Bike Groomer is the tool you want. With a 24" frame width, it can work it’s way through most single track style trails. It comes equipped with a spring loaded scarifier bar that will allow you to freshen up old snow or mix in new snow. It’s back end lays down corduroy to give your trail a nice finished look. The optional side flaps can help you comb out an additional 12" of width on each side when pinned in the flat position. They can also be pinned at 45 degrees to create an angled transition from your groomed surface to the ungroomed snow beyond. For Fat Biking, this results in a semi-solid berm to enhance your flow trails.