The G2 6′ Snow Groomer


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The G2 6′ Snow Groomer is a 6′ unit that renovates approximately 68″ and combs 96″.

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Like its predecessor, the Trail Tenderizer, the G2 sets the standard for ski trail grooming with a snowmobile.  It is the most innovative renovator/compactor/tracksetter combo on the market.  The well thought out design of the G2 allows it to be utilized in a broader range of snow conditions than any other implement we know of.  Its five stage snow working system creates better snow molecule adhesion leading to a firmer, more stable and smooth skiing surface.  Unlike other implements on the market, the G2 doesn't plow snow but rather keeps it where you want it, on your trail!  The hardened steel teeth really make the G2 stand out in hard pack and icy conditions.  The unit is equipped with electric actuators for raising and lowering both the toothbar and tracksetter on the fly.  For the fussiest groomers out there, the G2 serves as an incredible base platform to which we continue to add accessory items to meet the specific needs of the most challenging grooming scenarios.

We believe that the G2 will outperform any other cross country ski trail grooming implement in its class. Remember, it is easy to groom a good ski trail when conditions are perfect, but Tidd Tech designs and builds implements for real world conditions: low snow, old snow, deep snow, ice, imperfect subsurface, regardless of what you have to work with, the G2 will help you achieve the finest finished product possible.

The G2 6' Snow Groomer is a 6' unit that renovates approximately 68" and combs 96".

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Additional information

Weight 320 lbs
Combed Width

Flaps down: 96", Flaps Up 72"

Renovation Width

68" (outside tooth point to outside tooth point)


Hitch On: 101", Hitch Off: 95"

No. of Grooming Passes for 11.5' Trail Width



The G2 hitch system provides over 11” of vertical adjustment to accommodate different snowmachine hitch heights. A loop or “pintle” style hitch is standard, but many other styles are available.

Snow Transfer Blades

The Snow Transfer Blades consist of 6 stiff urethane paddles (4 on the small G2), set at an angle. Each blade “works” a swath of new snow about 8” toward the center of the machine. The resulting accumulation of snow that is carried in front of the blades, between the blades and teeth, and ahead of the compaction bed provide fill for marks and low spots. Air is removed from the snow in this “working” process and the bulk of the snow is moved closer to the center of the implement, where it is redistributed evenly by the compaction bed. This allows grooming deep snow without plowing it off the edges of the bed, and greatly increases the speed you can groom at and still maintain a good combing effect. Because the snow is processed in four separate stages by the blades, teeth, compaction bed, and comb, your snow ends up on the trail where you want it, the resulting trail has a higher density, and your skiers will enjoy a better product for a longer period of time. The transfer blades are raised and lowered with the same electric actuator which controls the tooth bar. The relative position of the toothbar and the blades can be easily adjusted (again without tools). Here are three benefits the blades provide: 1. The adjustable blades can be easily moved without tools up to 12" outside of the compaction bed. This provides the capability to "farm snow" from the edge of the trail. This can make the difference in having enough snow to set good classic tracks in early season conditions. 2. The blades do a great job of filling in old classic tracks when you are re-setting tracks, improving the consistency of the new tracks.. 3. Because the blades can easily be set lower than the teeth in low snow conditions, they can be used to level snow without fear of striking rocks and obstructions.

Depth Control System (DCS) Retrofit

The Depth Control System is a height adjustable component which attaches to the G2 tooth bar that allows you to set a fixed cutting depth.


The G2 toothbar is fine-tuned with an electric actuator which is independent of the fixed-angle compaction bed. The G2 is equipped with 90 teeth which are easily replaced and inexpensive. There is a tooth point every ¾” across the toothbar giving the G2 about 1/3 more teeth than the Trail Tenderizer which results in smaller particle size. The toothbar is spring-loaded and easily adjustable. These springs instantly unload the toothbar when an obstruction like a rock or stump strike the teeth, or when you are biting into ice or hardpack deeper than your snowmachine can pull.

Free Flowing Compaction Bed

The G2's smooth and ultra slippery UHMW compaction bed makes it possible to groom at faster speeds in heavier snow with less drag. The fixed 20 degree angle channels the snow processed through the blades and teeth downward into the ski trail, where it belongs. To demonstrate how well this really works, we intentionally ran the G2 off the trail into 20" of ungroomed snow with the teeth and blades down. After building up a huge load of snow in front of the machine, the Skandic finally lost traction and dug itself a trench. As the picture shows, it sure looked like it was time to go get the shovels. Instead, our (optimistic) operator pressed the switch on the control box, raising the toothbar and blades, shifted into reverse and backed up about 12", and then with the help of one person lifting up on a single ski on the snowmobile, he simply drove forward and continued on through the deep snow. The G2's compaction bed enabled it to climb over the snow berm and plane through the deep snow.

Two-Stage Dual Flex Comb

The new Tidd Tech proprietary comb design enables the G2 to produce an outstanding finish on your ski trail. The first comb stage is molded of semi-rigid high-density urethane and attached to the rear of the compactor bed with a smooth seamless joint. The second comb stage is molded of more flexible urethane at a 20 deg. down angle. This results in significant down pressure on this rear comb section while maintaining the ability to flex over terrain variations which is especially important when you can't risk aggressive leveling due to thin-base conditions. The G2 comb allows much higher grooming speeds, especially while renovating, while maintaining excellent combing performance. The G2 comb and end flaps have pitch of 16 ribs per foot which provide an excellent platform for fast, stable skiing.“

Two-Position End Flaps

The easily adjustable end flaps match the profile of the G2 comb. They extend 12" beyond each edge of the compaction bed and provide the same preloaded down pressure as the G2 Comb. This results in excellent combing of the overlap area and eliminates any berm problem even in significant new snow.

Tracking Disk

This is a nifty feature that serves a number of purposes: The Tracking Disks keep the implement from sliding sideways on a sidehill. They also allow the machine to roll over parking lots, road crossings, bare spots and obstructions while protecting the comb. Lastly, they make handling the G2 a breeze – imagine how much easier it is to move the implement around by hand when it comes with its own set of wheels. The disks are cheap to replace when worn, but they last much longer than the old style skid plates.

Close Coupled Tracksetter

OPERATION AND DOWN PRESSURE. The G2 tracksetter is close-coupled and semi-rigidly attached to the rear of the compaction bed. An electric actuator applies up to 200 lbs. of down pressure through two constant-pressure gas-filled cylinders. Because of the G2 tracksetter’s unique attachment design, this down pressure is applied much more effectively than conventional designs that let the tracksetter float on a center pivot. The stability and efficient application of down pressure allow the G2 to set track at much higher speeds than a conventional machine. POSITIONING. The Tracksetter is easily positioned anywhere across the width of the G2 without tools. Two tracksetters may be used on the Medium G2 to enable setting tracks on either side without leaving the seat of the snowmachine, or setting a well spaced pair of side by side classic tracks. TRACK CUTTERS. The track cutter is a pair of 45 deg. angled teeth which are highly resistant to collecting debris, yet provide good protection for the track shoes in low snow conditions. These are the same inexpensive and easily replaceable teeth used on the main toothbar.

Electrical System

The G2 comes equipped with an electric actuator for raising and lowering the tooth bar on the fly. If you get the optional TrackSetter, it also comes with an electric actuator. The actuators come standard with male and female spade connectors for its two wires. G2 machines have wiring guides along the frame, ready to accept customer supplied power and wiring for the actuators. A two wire, 12 volt, 25 amp, circuit is required for each actuator. The current is simply reversed to control the actuator up/down movement. Most customers will place a double pole momentary toggle switch on the dash of the tow vehicle for each actuator on the machine (again, 1 for the G2 Toothbar, and 1 for each Tracksetter). Many customers use the tow vehicle battery to supply power (operating actuators is very sporadic, so draining down a battery is seldom a concern). Some customers prefer to use a separate rechargeable power pack to avoid relying on sometimes unpredictable snow machine electrical systems.