About Tidd Tech

TiddTech was started in the early 1990’s by John Tidd when he was the owner of Mountain Meadows ski area in Vermont.  John wanted to be able to pull a groomer behind a snowmobile and couldn’t find anything on the market and so the Trail Tenderizer was created and TiddTech became one of the first company’s in the lightweight grooming category.

Today, TiddTech ships snow grooming equipment all over the world to skiing enthusiasts, community clubs & organizations, and skiing-centered recreational business owners.

Realizing that not everyone is fortunate to have this volume of snow and that snow conditions can vary dramatically around the world, we’ve enlisted a number of TiddTech enthusiasts to provide us with feedback and testing on all of our equipment in pretty much every kind of snow conditions imaginable. This willingness to hear and learn from others has made us pretty darn knowledgeable about snow and how to work with it.

By passion, we are avid skiers at heart.  As such, like you, we want to spend as much of our time as possible skiing. With this goal in mind, we have designed our implements to be as effective and efficient as possible so that you can groom great trails and then get out there and enjoy them!