The 4′ Trail Tenderizer

The 4′ Trail Tenderizer

$ 2,239.00

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The 4′ Trail Tenderizer is a multi-purpose implement that has the ability to groom cross-country trails for both skating and classical skiing in a variety of conditions.

Tracksetter sold separately.



One of the first commercially available lightweight groomers on the market, the Trail Tenderizer was our original groomer that is still available today. Since its introduction over 20 years ago, almost every commercial Nordic ski area in North America has owned one of these units at one time or another which has helped make Tidd Tech the well-known name it is today. Little has changed with the Trail Tenderizer over the years. We figure, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The Tenderizer has proven itself to be a hard-working and durable entry level groomer. We are still helping customers service units that were manufactured in the early 90’s!

The Trail Tenderizer is available in four and six foot models. They pack new snow, granulate old, hard snow up to 2” deep and set precise tracks (with the optional TrackSetter) or beautifully combed skate lanes. The Tenderizer features a manual crank for raising and lowering the tooth bar and the optional TrackSetter comes with a lift lever kit for raising and lowering without disturbing newly groomed corduroy. The Trail Tenderizer is an easy to operate implement that is great for entry level or budget conscious grooming.

The Trail Tenderizer is a multi-purpose implement that has the ability to groom cross-country trails for both skating and classical skiing in a variety of conditions. The angle of the compaction bed, made of extremely durable UHMW plastic, may be adjusted to suit snow conditions from deep powder to frozen hardpack. As the edge of the compaction bed is adjusted downward, a double row of knife edge teeth come in contact with the snow, enabling the machine to renovate tough hardpack or icy conditions. These teeth also act to grade or level a trail by removing high points and depositing snow in low areas. The bed tilt adjustment is accomplished with a hand crank or optional electric actuator that enables adjustment on the fly from the seat of the snowmobile.

The trailing edge of the compaction bed has a flexible urethane comb that leaves a perfect finish to your trail. The front edge of the compactor sports a urethane flap that helps compact deep powder as well as protects the implement from impact. Metal surfaces on the machine are finished in a tough bright red powder coat. The Trail Tenderizer comes stock with a loop style hitch. The hitch slides into the Trail Tenderizer tongue and is protected with a shear pin so that if you come into contact with a tree or other obstacle, you break only the pin and other damage to your more expensive groomer is hopefully minimized. Other hitch types are available upon request to accommodate just about any sort of tow vehicle.

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Additional information

Weight 140 lbs
Combed Width

With Anti-Berm Flaps: 58", With SuperFlaps Accessory: 80"

Renovation Width

45.5" (outside tooth point to outside tooth point)


Hitch On: 70", Hitch Off: 64"

No. of Teeth



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